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It is not enough to win.

In order to get future work it is critical to continue building the relationship. Start by offering to share trial tactics with your client’s in house law department, co-author an article within her industry publications, or invite the teams to a celebratory dinner after the win, settling a strike, or successfully completing the new merger.

Do you get the message here – it is not enough to win.

Look for ways to help your clients. Your clients expect you to be ahead of the curve.

Consider using these 3 approaches:

  1. What internal selling tools can you help your individual clients develop?
  2. At an upcoming conference can you sit your clients next to people with whom they can build a new beneficial relationship?
  3. Identify your colleagues who can provide another practice value to your clients.


At the Closers Group, we help law firms close more new business rapidly using a variety of BUSINESS GENERATING TACTICS, just like these.


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