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Did you know that rainmaking does not start outside? It begins under your own roof.

Take advantage of your firm’s business development training and other professional development themes, such as client retention and client management.

Join business development groups in the firm that are actively reviewing attorney marketing successes and failures in formal postmortem meetings. Create your own action program, not a “plan” that will sit on a shelf. Evaluate different ways to build client relationships, select one and work on it. Always have questions ready to ask. Determine what tactics legal assistants, librarians and your marketing staff can do to help with your business development efforts.

Start with these 3 important questions:

  1. Have you begun scheduling update calls with your clients?
  2. Do you know what your competitors are offering?
  3. What value do you and the firm really bring?

At the Closers Group, we help law firms close more new business rapidly using a variety of BUSINESS GENERATING TACTICS, just like these.

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