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“Why clients fire you” is the title of an article written by our own Valerie Goodman back in May, 2016.  At a recent conference I was asked if I could repeat it for an unusual way to kick-off 2018.  It should be one of the first questions law firm management should be asking now.

In the Closers Group experience, lack of attention to client retention is a primary reason clients fire you.  When it comes to attorney marketing and business development the first step is to value and properly serve the clients you’ve worked so hard to get in the first place.  It is one of the simplest ways to accelerate business, wouldn’t you agree?

In Jay Abraham’s “Getting Everything You Can From Everything You’ve Got”, he cites many reasons why clients have become dissatisfied and have left even long standing relationships.  Think about clients who have left your firm.  Can you attribute any one of these reasons as a possible cause?  Our Client Satisfaction Survey found the following answers:

  • Lack of contact
  • Decisions made without authorization
  • Non-responsive
  • Failure to respond
  • Cost increases with no notification
  • Their internal situation changes.

Your new mantra should be CLARIFY – FOCUS – EXECUTE.


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