Where’s the Beef? 2017 Law Firm Outlook

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Hearing from attorneys and marketing professionals in response to the 2017 Law Firm Outlook Survey, “getting attorneys out on the business development trail” says it best. Significant concern was expressed about growing competition but fewer attorneys willing to market. Law firm outlook was also described as needing to increase market share and winning new clients.

Therefore, our article title, Where’s the Beef focuses on the need build a long-term pipeline. But the “beef” also refers to the winner of our Survey Drawing.

MARK LEIPOLD, ATTORNEY AT GOULD RATNER in Chicago selected an Omaha Beef package as his prize.

The strongest responses identified primary needs as:

* Build a long term pipeline;
* Close more “new” business;
* Close more “new” business from current clients;
* Improve training for business development;
* Remove under performing activities and investments.

Clearly, the recognition of these law firm marketing needs are not a surprise. But what seems to run counter to them is satisfaction with what firms are investing in traditional marketing, such as advertising, social media, events, etc. And what several identify as the missing element is leadership’s lack of managing timelines and assignments.

In summary, if management want their 2017 law firm outlook to be successful, focus and execution should be placed on “getting attorneys out on the business development trail.”


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