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“Don’t Linger in the Doorway!” New Business Development II.

The next series of “dos” from the 55 Words for new business development include: Don’t linger in the doorway.  In or out. A handshake beats an autograph. Take a vacation

Law Firm Marketing – Increase New Business Now

Law Firm Marketing – It Is Not Enough to Win

Law Firm Marketing – 27% Have Been Terminated by In House Counsel

Law Firm Marketing – Rainmaking Does Not Start Outside

Law Firm Marketing – Only 3 Sources of New Business

6 Underutilized Ways to Accelerate New Revenue

Have You Practiced Lunch?

Before going to a pitch meeting have you practiced lunch, a proposal, the questions to ask, anticipated answers and setting the next step? Picture yourself at the table with a

Only a Few Copies Left on Amazon

Only a few copies of the world’s first law firm marketing coloring book, THE NEW COLORS OF LAW FIRM MARKETING, are left on Amazon. Before we order a second printing,


Client experience is finally legitimate and being given significantly more attention by marketing professionals, according to the Bloomberg Law and LMA 2017 survey.  Entitled “Aligning Marketing Business Development Resources for

Reduce Stress with the New Law Firm Marketing Coloring Book

In a few days, you can download or purchase THE NEW COLORS OF LAW FIRM MARKETING – the world’s very first law firm marketing coloring book. Are you ready to

Self-Sabotaging Excuse for Not Marketing – “I always miss the new litigation.”

“I always miss the new litigation” is one of the most self-sabotaging excuses for not marketing that I have heard from attorneys.  It is easy to solve.  You and your

Where’s the Beef? 2017 Law Firm Outlook

Hearing from attorneys and marketing professionals in response to the 2017 Law Firm Outlook Survey, “getting attorneys out on the business development trail” says it best. Significant concern was expressed

We’ve Sweetened the Offer – Take our 2017 Law Firm Outlook Survey

STEAKS OR PIE? We want to sweeten our offer for helping us with our 2017 Law Firm Outlook Survey.  We’re conducting a brief survey to learn morfe about the key

Where Does Client Trust Fit in the Business Development Puzzle?

Client trust is perhaps the greatest element in business development. Or to put it another way, why should they buy from you? Although you may be selling the most sophisticated

Marketing the Law Firm – New Business Development Harvest

Closers Group recently appeared in the Law Journal Newsletters. Our article “New Business Development Harvest” appeared in Sales Speak of Marketing the Law Firm.

Will Your Dog Eat the Dog Food? – Law Firm Marketing

New and Improved? Almost every day there is an advertisement offering a service or product that is new or improved, such as Will Your Dog Eat the Dog Food? Or

What Can You Do For Your Client? (Business Development Part 2 of 6)

The second theme focusing on new business development in Bill Aulet’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship is “What Can You Do For Your Client?” Once you have taken the first steps outlined in

Have You Been Told to Grow Your Practice? – Origination Credit

As competition for legal services increases, non-equity partners are being challenged to “grow your practice.” In more and more firms, marketing and business development efforts are being intensified and carefully

Ridin’ The Storm Out — #5 in Accelerating New Business Development

In our last post we began a discussion of Bruce Tuckman’s 4 phase path for teamwork – “forming, storming, norming and performing” and how it applies to accelerating new business