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The Closers Group Strategic Business Plan

Here is a Strategic Business Plan tool designed for firms that are squarely in the RED ZONE but not yet able to cross the goal line.You’re so near and yet so far from closing the new engagements that you’ve targeted.

Closers Group: Strategic Business PlanThe Strategic Business Plan tool is also designed for firms that are not yet in the RED ZONE because their marketing effort has somehow fallen short.

Strategic Actions

In 60-90 days, we provide “strategic actions” that build on your existing marketing assets, discard or reinvigorate under-performing marketing assets, define and target new opportunities, and ensure immediate new revenue even as we help create a longer-term pipeline of opportunity.

We review :

  • External perceptions of the firm
  • Competition and marketplace trends
  • Client retention and relationship-building initiatives
  • The firm’s business-generation culture
  • Past proposals and pitches
  • Relevant collateral
  • Advertising, public relations, and community event participation or sponsorship
  • Internet/intranet resources
  • Speeches, panels, and byline publishing
  • Talent-building and sales or marketing training resources
  • Diversity, pro bono, and community service
  • Alliances with other professional groups
  • New practice specialization or other service offerings
  • Internal marketing/sales reporting and accountability practices

It’s the questions we pose that then make this tool so powerful and unique.

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