Pechakucha! Try it – You’ll like it.

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The Closers Group wants your firm to try out a powerful, entertaining way to boost new business from your firm’s attorneys, our PECHAKUCHA! In our keynote presentations and workshops, the first 6 minutes and 40 seconds are dedicated to highlighting 20 cartoons about marketing and business development. And they are combined with the latest observations and tactics to grow new business now.

The world’s first law firm marketing coloring book, THE NEW COLORS OF LAW FIRM MARKETING (on Amazon, etc.) assists in overcoming the ever increasing pressures on attorneys to grow more revenue. Yet, at the same time, many resist efforts by marketing professionals to assist.

This is an entirely new and humorous approach to educate your group on marketing, business development and business generation. AND, you an even color in the book. To learn more about trying Pechakucha, go to CONTACT.


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