Why Focus on Your Client's Bottom Line?

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Accelerate Your Business Now – Chpt.3

Note that these 12 Practices from 36ixty [brand, leadership, strategy, communication, team, core message, marketing, sales, customer experience, revenue and systems]Closers Group: Is Your Firm in the "Accelerator Zone"? break down into 3 manageable groups; how people work; how processes work; and systems to integrate and manage them all. We call them “impact areas” where clients focus on bottom line results. And in order to define these, we start with having senior firm management answer these questions as a group.

• What do I need to do more of?
• What do I need to do less of?
• What do I need to start doing?
• What do I need to stop doing?

The right questions are designed to focus on what is really important to the business and internal aspects necessary for success. The answers become the foundation that might lead to refinement, transformation in effectiveness and profits. They are the keys to growing new business. What then follows is the strategic planning process in our next column.


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