Relieve Stress,
Have Fun and
Business Development

The New Colors of Law Firm Marketing

The Closers Group present The New Colors of Law Firm Marketing, the world’s first law firm marketing coloring book. The book combines quotes we have heard over the years while working on marketing and business development consulting with law firms, along with cartoons to illustrate the points.

Both entertaining and educational, The New Colors of Law Firm Marketing is an opportunity for lawyers and law firm marketers to relax and unplug, while worksheet pages provide space to hone in on specific business development goals.

Authored by Closers Group leaders Allan Colman and Frank Mims V, you can purchase your copy of the 44-page book from Amazon or for download your free copy here!

Learn How to Close More New Business

“Studies have shown that taking ‘digital down time’ is a healthy way to exercise your mind, which is the inspiration behind publishing this book,” said Colman. “So lawyers and law firm marketers can color away, while reflecting on ways to grow their business, at their own pace, in a relaxed environment.”

Each illustration is accompanied by content designed to focus users’ concentration on amplifying new business growth. When coloring the cartoons and reading the accompanying content, users will focus on how to:

  • Grow more revenue – Convert their firm’s values to “their” needs.
  • Grow more clients – Go for that 50% factor that most lawyers tend to overlook –past clients.
  • Open more doors – Practice their pitches, proposals and even lunch.
  • Build a strategic advantage – Know why their current clients do business with them.
  • Create more opportunities – Rainmaking begins under their own roof.
  • Overcome the fear of the sales process – Get out on the business development trail.

Seminars & Workshops

The coloring book will be the foundation for law firm marketing seminars and workshops offered throughout 2017.

Contact us to schedule keynotes and seminars for your firm retreats, bar associations and practice group association conferences. In a hurry? Call or text (310) 508-8600.

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