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Dr. Allan Colman of the Closers Group has spent more than 2 decades helping law firms generate more revenue by emphasizing leadership. As a result of their programs, clients have added millions of dollars in revenue and built business development structures that continue to perform.

Allan can be booked for a variety of speaking engagements, from law firms to chambers of commerce to large conferences. In his presentations, Allan teaches professionals how to lead more effectively, identify high-quality prospects and close new business faster. He will motivate, inspire and engage you and your group.

Law Firm Presentations and Workshops

Select from Six Practical and Effective Presentations

Law Firm Leadership – Accelerate New Business Now

All too many law firms let new business slip through their fingers every month. This keynote and workshop utilizes methods for finding missed opportunities, underperforming assets, prospect segmentation, targeting and building effective leadership – all proving to double books of new business.

Attendees learn how to identify high-quality prospects and then use the quickest methods to get face-to-face, focus and close new business. They walk away with the ability to immediately apply tactics to build new revenue, build long-lasting relationships and maximize leadership skills.

Own the Zone

This keynote is based upon Allan’s book Own the Zone: What Leaders Need to Know About The Closing Zone. The keynote is intended for business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs interested in growing their businesses. Using tactics such as “Why Should I Hire You?” or “Pre-Client Preparation”, this program acts as a conductor for professionals to pay attention to the details when meeting with potential clients. Dr. Colman also gives step-by-step instructions about how to get past the pain and discomfort of asking for the business. Unlike many sales presentations and books written for non-professionals, this program combines many techniques in a framework that will feel comfortable for a professional selling a high-end service, rather than the sales books designed for salespeople selling products or lower-end services.

Crazy Impact of Law Firm Leadership

When young leaders or aspiring leaders run a Google search for leadership definitions, they will find more than 350! This bizarre fact helps illustrate the necessity of getting a clear definition of how to make a leadership impact on your teams. In this fast paced program, Dr. Allan Colman concentrates on relating the 6 components of exceptional leadership that are crucially linked in order to master making an impact.

Other popular talks include:

  • Selling Your Way to the Top
    Simplifies the process of finding the right prospects, out-thinking the competition, utilizing the potential client’s needs, and most importantly, winning and keeping the business.
  • Law Firm Client Retention
    Our recent U.S./Canada Client Retention survey offers an inside look at a 4-year downward spiral in which, for want of a few key initiatives, firms can neither keep nor recruit partners. We explore the problems and solutions.
  • The Great Burger Wars
    Does your team need practical experience to grow your firm’s revenues? Dr. Allan leads team members through a pitch with a clever “reality show experience” which teaches hands-on skills to attract, build and win a new client.

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What Clients Say…

Each Business Growth Group participating in the workshops has one thing in common: they experience a sustained impact. Allan and Frank offer an array of marketing and business development tactics that work. This is an integral part of the professional development and inclusion programs that are growing future firm leaders.

Michelle Wimes, Director of Professional Development and Inclusion, Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.

What Clients Say…

Allan’s webinars on leadership simplified the steps needed to master essential management success. He makes a compelling case for using the 6 Laws of Exceptional Leadership to influence the growth of our global community of project managers.

Jennifer Bridges, PMP, Founder & CEO, Inc.

What Clients Say…

What I personally enjoy about Allan’s keynote messages to our growing entrepreneurial groups is that they can be put into immediate action.

Gary Polk, Executive Director, South Bay Entrepreneurial Center

What Clients Say…

Allan’s marketing restructuring program of our 15,000 person company helped generate new business and become more effective.

Art Darrow, Chairman and CEO (ret.), Dames and Moore, Inc.

What Clients Say

Allan provides impact that goes beyond practical tips. It is about transforming your business culture, erasing the artificial boundary between sales, and service and understanding the bottom-line benefits of speaking directly and honestly to client needs.

Larry Smith, Senior VP, Levick

What Attorneys Say…

Allan Colman is a strategy master.

John Kidd, Attorney, Clifford Chance (ret.)