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Think of it this way: if every “leader” in your firm generated only a 5% increase in their new business, with virtually no extra overhead costs needed, what a powerful impact that would have on ROI. But most firms today employ either a collegiate or consensus form of leadership. While there are often Managing Partners who take strong stands on certain issues, the biggest problem we see consistently is the absence of holding people accountable for results.

Yet it has the most potential for success if firm leaders (managing partners, executive committee, practice group leaders, partners-in-charge) are reminded of their commitments, helping them overcome obstacles and challenges, and not letting them skip “next steps.”

Take a hard look at what can be refined in order to identify “critical improvement areas.” Organize them into an IMPLEMENTATION MAP, focusing on accountability for activities that have the greatest impact and value. It is not necessary to revamp your entire organization. Just shake up the system a bit to make it clear what the expectations, time lines and results are for the business generation task assigned.

Place your leaders in charge of implementing each task, set specific timing, hold them accountable and watch the revenue grow, more doors opening, and the firm’s reputation cower the competition.


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