Have You Practiced Lunch?

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Before going to a pitch meeting have you practiced lunch, a proposal, the questions to ask, anticipated answers and setting the next step? Picture yourself at the table with a prospect that you have targeted in the right industry and the right organization. Your research has given you a clear sense of how this “buyer of services” thinks, what their business is about, what the company or agency wants and needs and what your opportunities are vis-a-vis your competitors.

Do not talk about your firm! Instead, start with a value proposition, “here is what we can do for you, and here’s a general sense of how we’re going to get there. And then get them talking. Put your research to work by practicing the questions you will ask that show you have actively studies their problems, needs and opportunities. Anticipate answers and plan responses. And pay attention to their answers rather than thinking about your next question.

Practice, practice, practice before you start eating the salad.


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