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Driving performance is the next piece of our business development puzzle (part 4 of the 9 pieces). Sure, today’s marketplace is about as challenging as any market on earth. But there is a reason why some of us continue to slug away for decades. Once that iron wall of resistance totters, we find that the intellectual and professional rewards are extraordinary. You can enjoy the sweet satisfaction of knowing that you have succeeded where many other worthy aspirants have failed. [Visit our Books page for more details from Own the Zone.]

To Hit a Target Is to Take a Shot!

Driving performance to increase marketing and business development growth requires its own separate set of best practices, including:

  • Designate leaders for each client target that you and your firm have been keeping in the backs of their mind.
  • Enhance performance results by providing greater strategy debates before investing in RFP’s or in making new initial contacts.
  • Demonstrate successful performance by submitting success reports to firm managing partners.
  • Constantly review the failed business development efforts in post mortem meetings. Codify the steps that led to successful new business development.
  • Populate the marketing and business development program with targeting and pursuit efforts by specific groups.
  • Assure that business development training sessions are practical, not academic.
  • Keep your firm ahead of economic and industry trends and build this knowledge into every prospect call and current client.
  • Make decisions on under-performing activities by either abandoning them or improving your approach in each case.


Driving Performance: Get Started

You can achieve success driving performance using many different tactics. Pick the ones that serve your current situation best and get started. The shot that will never score is the one you never take…


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