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Crazy Impact of Leadership – PDUs2Go Webinar

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Crazy Impact of Leadership

In Crazy Impact of Leadership, Dr. Allan Colman helps project managers discover the 6 skills of exceptional leadership. With these skills, leaders will be equipped to face challenges common to professionals in leadership roles. Dr. Colman uses insightful case studies in this video course to motivate leaders to make a crazy impact.

Through his work as a chief executive and as an advisor to managing partners, Dr. Colman identified these 6 skills areas to make an impact:

  1. Leaders Listen
  2. Leaders Make Decisions
  3. Leaders Communicate Decisions
  4. Leaders Hold People Accountable for Results
  5. Leaders Take Risks
  6. Leaders Leave a Legacy


Project Managers shouldn’t settle for simply making an impact, but become a leader who makes a *crazy impact*.



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