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“Chase Relationships, Not Work!”

“Chase relationships, not work” is a direct quote from a Lendingham Chalmers LLP. attorney. She recognizes that a large percent of new work comes from clients and referrals, some say

Have You Read the Millennial Dictionary?

Have you read the Millennial Dictionary?  Did you even know one existed?  In order to help you understand and work with them,  here are a few new additions to our

Is Your Firm a Brand or a Mascot?



Client experience is finally legitimate and being given significantly more attention by marketing professionals, according to the Bloomberg Law and LMA 2017 survey.  Entitled “Aligning Marketing Business Development Resources for

Reveal Your Firm’s Under Performing Marketing Assets — Catapult Your Revenues Without Losing a Dime!

Under performing marketing assets, when identified, are a real drag on your firm’s revenues.  Out of the 25 questions we use to build a successful business plan for clients, what

New Way to Educate Lawyers on Marketing

Legal Business World’s feature on marketing focused on our new law firm marketing coloring book, The New Colors of Law Firm Marketing.  Calling it “Husterical and fun way to teach

Where Does Client Trust Fit in the Business Development Puzzle?

Client trust is perhaps the greatest element in business development. Or to put it another way, why should they buy from you? Although you may be selling the most sophisticated

You Won’t See This on WikiLeaks – “Emails Don’t End in Handshakes

British Airways got a real boost from this marketing and business development ad, “Emails Don’t End in Handshakes.” It today’s highly competitive market for professional services, one-way electronic communications do

Client Retention — What Should You Ask Your Clients?

In the last post, we began the discussion of Client Retention by asking what should you ask your clients? This is an important part of building client relationships and new

Is Your Marketing GPS Really Working?

Is your marketing GPS really working? Do you use tissue, or Kleenex? Do you pack a lunch in plastic storage bags or Ziplocks? See where this is going? All successful

What Do You Do With Low Hanging Fruit?

What do you do with low hanging fruit to increase law firm revenue? It certainly does not happen overnight. Clients won’t become your greatest fans if you are hit and

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