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Reveal Your Firm’s Under Performing Marketing Assets — Catapult Your Revenues Without Losing a Dime!

Under performing marketing assets, when identified, are a real drag on your firm’s revenues.  Out of the 25 questions we use to build a successful business plan for clients, what

Has Your Marketing Approach Been Rejected and Client Retention Faltering ?

Has your marketing approach been rejected and client retention faltering??  In fact, a frequent comment we hear from in-house counsel is that lawyers “just show up and offer legal advice.

Why Isn’t Your UPS Bringing In New Business?

Why isn’t your UPS, Unique Positioning Statement, bringing in new business? Perhaps your team does not understand that a Unique Positioning Statement is much like an elevator message. What would

How Much Revenue Is Your Firm Losing?

How much revenue is your firm losing without an exit strategy for Senior Partners? Advance planning of exit strategies is critical to long term sustainable revenue. Failure to deal with

Don’t Let Business Slip Through Your Fingers

You can avoid letting new business slip through your fingers by using our powerful, highly interactive workshops and strategic business road-mapping. As a business development consultant and advisor, these work.

4 Steps to Master Closing New Business

When focusing on how to master closing new business, this post emphasizes work by Rick Justus at and Bill Aulet’s “Disciplined Entrepreneurship” (Amazon, These link directly with making

4 Secrets to Accelerating Growth

In order to practice the 4 secrets to accelerating growth, using our one-page-strategic-plan becomes key. As practice areas, offices and cross-specialties groups build this approach into their firm culture, they

Don’t Make Flying Pigs From Law Firm Rainmakers

It is stunning how many lawyers treat all leads alike, and market to the wrong prospects. Another major leadership mistake is asking law firm rainmakers to get out and prospect,