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What is the Most Underutilized Social Media?

Paper, yes paper is the most underutilized social media.  Text, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, emails, electronic filings are now consuming 85-90% of communications received by corporate and agency attorneys and executives.

CONVERSION MARKETING – A Must Read for Marketing Your Business Online

If you are searching for fresh marketing ideas for your website, take a look at CONVERSION MARKETING.  This book is loaded with suggestions on how to run promotional campaigns which

How Do You Win A Client?

Continuing this series on Aulet’s 6 themes in “Disciplined Entrepreneurship” (available at Amazon), this element focuses on how do you win a client? His client development asks you to: *

Harvest More New Business From Your Top Clients

Guest Blog from Valerie Goodman Harvest the Cream of the Crop Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have 80% of your entire new business income derive from 20% of

Have You Been Told to Grow Your Practice? – Origination Credit

As competition for legal services increases, non-equity partners are being challenged to “grow your practice.” In more and more firms, marketing and business development efforts are being intensified and carefully

Are There Really “Magic Pills” for New Business Development?

ACCELERATE NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT NOW Chapter 2 Are there really “magic pills” for new business development? Following our last post, on what happens to your new business development efforts when

Is Your Firm in the “Accelerator Zone”?

  Acceleration is about generating new business development successfully in less time. In order to enter the “accelerator zone”, one must first understand what happens when you are not in