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Why Clients Fire You

“Why clients fire you” is the title of an article written by our own Valerie Goodman back in May, 2016.  At a recent conference I was asked if I could

“Don’t Linger in the Doorway!” New Business Development II.

The next series of “dos” from the 55 Words for new business development include: Don’t linger in the doorway.  In or out. A handshake beats an autograph. Take a vacation

The Most Overlooked Client Development Resource

The most overlooked client development resource is YOUR CLIENTS. Wish them a happy holiday!

Turn Clients Into Advocates for Your Firm

Continue building relationships and turn your clients into advocates for your firm.  There are multiple tactics to use including:  Find out by conducting regular client satisfaction visits or discussions to

What is Missing in Generating Law Firm Revenue Growth?

What is missing in generating law firm revenue growth is accelerating leadership.  It is one of 12 exceptional leadership practices that firms should focus on, including branding, building client value,

Have You Practiced Lunch?

Before going to a pitch meeting have you practiced lunch, a proposal, the questions to ask, anticipated answers and setting the next step? Picture yourself at the table with a

Worried About Your Upcoming Partner Retreat ?

Planning for your upcoming partner retreat in the fall is typically now in the “scrambling for speakers” mode. You have been tasked with finding a presentation that is engaging, full

Pechakucha! Try it – You’ll like it.

The Closers Group wants your firm to try out a powerful, entertaining way to boost new business from your firm’s attorneys, our PECHAKUCHA! In our keynote presentations and workshops, the