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Prevent Laterals – A Major 2018 Business Goal

Preventing laterals should be a major business goal for all law firms in 2018.  The survey we conducted did not receive enough responses to be publishable.  BUT, other than retaining

What is Missing in Generating Law Firm Revenue Growth?

What is missing in generating law firm revenue growth is accelerating leadership.  It is one of 12 exceptional leadership practices that firms should focus on, including branding, building client value,

Do You Know the Zen Excuse for Not Marketing?

If ever there were a Zen excuse for not marketing, it is” I’m afraid of the process.” Oh, come on. Follow Arthur Ashe’s advice – “Start where you are. Use

What’s Missing In Law Firm Revenue Growth?

What’s missing in law firm revenue growth is leadership. Clarity, focus and execution start with a firm’s leadership. The key to transform sustainable revenue to productive revenue lies with the

Ridin’ The Storm Out — #5 in Accelerating New Business Development

In our last post we began a discussion of Bruce Tuckman’s 4 phase path for teamwork – “forming, storming, norming and performing” and how it applies to accelerating new business

90% of Marketing is “Half” Mental

Yogi Berra’s famous quote, in it’s modified use, addresses the most important aspect of marketing and accelerating new business development. Ultimately it is the attorneys and paralegals that will drive

Why Focus on Your Client's Bottom Line?

Accelerate Your Business Now – Chpt.3 Note that these 12 Practices from 36ixty [brand, leadership, strategy, communication, team, core message, marketing, sales, customer experience, revenue and systems] break down into

12 Essential Practices for New Business Development

  Why isn’t everyone in business living in an ACCELERATOR ZONE for new business development? We find in our work that a primary reason is that most people don’t know

Say Nothing, Do Nothing, Be Nothing – 6 Steps to Exceptional Leadership

“Criticism is something you can easily avoid — by saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing.” –Aristotle In order to help clients grow business, the second of 36ixty’s 12 Essential

Are Managing Partners Really “Leaders”? (Part 2 of 2)

Following are 2 more questions asked by Nick Gaffney in the panel discussion for the December 14th issue of the ABA’s LAW PRACTICE TODAY. My responses follow. HOW CAN LAW

Are Managing Partners Really “Leaders”? (Part 1 of 2)

Based on an article in ABA’s LAW PRACTICE TODAY, (Dec. 14, 2015) moderated by Nicholas Gaffney, a member of the Law Practice Today editorial board and a veteran public relations

Crazy Impact of Leadership – PDUs2Go Webinar

Crazy Impact of Leadership – PDUs2Go Webinar 1 PDU for Introductory Price of $37 for a limited time through 10/31/15 PDUs2Go presents our HOT New Release An On-Demand Course with

Why Do Senior Partners Resist an Exit Strategy?

Why Do Senior Partners Resist an Exit Strategy? From Thomson Reuters Legal Solutions Blog, August 20, 2015 When asked what major problems they face, we often hear Managing Partners say

Allan Colman Named a Top 10 Speaker

Dr. Colman Named a Top 10 Speaker Dr. Allan Colman has been named a Top 10 Speaker by ISN Works. His featured keynote is “GOT LEADERSHIP – Transform Your Leaders

Revenue Growth . . . From Thomson Reuters Legal Solutions Blog

LEGAL SOLUTIONS BLOG Technology, practice insights, research, news and legal solutions from Thomson Reuters • LOG IN TO WESTLAW NEXT HOME > BLOG > PRACTICE MANAGEMENT > REVENUE GROWTH AND

Made For Success Publishing Features Our CRAZY IMPACT – Leadership

Made For Success Publishing Features Our Leadership Anthology – CRAZY IMPACT   According to one reviewer, “Leaders never graduate from leadership. CRAZY IMPACT provides you with usable lessons to drive

Hold Your Firm Leaders Accountable

Think of it this way: if every “leader” in your firm generated only a 5% increase in their new business, with virtually no extra overhead costs needed, what a powerful

What's Missing in Law Firm Marketing? Firm Leaders

[mp_row] [mp_span col=”12″] MARKETING the LAW FIRM, American Lawyer Media August 2015 Sales Speak: What’s Missing in Law Firm Business Development? Firm Leaders! For the past decade, business development training

Reasons 5 And 6 To Hire Allan Colman

Continuing with the Top 10 Reasons to Hire Allan Colman, featured in the June 8th editionof PROLOG, 6. Allan builds client trust by teaching them to drive others in a

Reasons 7 and 8 To Hire Allan Colman

From PROLOG, June 8th, : 8. Allan does not settle for his clients to make an impact; he expects them to make an impact now. 7. He is committed, creative,