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Why Clients Fire You

by Valerie Goodman In the Closers Group experience, lack of attention to client retention is a primary reason clients fire you. When it comes to attorney marketing and business development,

Top 5 Myths About Business Development

by Valerie Goodman To really under understand what successful business development is, one must understand what it is not. Here are our top five myths about business development. Myth #1:

Business Development “Gut Check”

Is Your Business Development Suffering? Thomson Reuters Legal Solutions Blog November 6, 2015 For law firms struggling with growing new business, there is a learning curve marketing leaders (both attorneys

10 Reasons to Hire Allan Colman

In a recent article on the PRLOG, it listed the top ten reasons to hire Allan. #10. Allan Builds Future Leaders #9. He teaches tactics, not theory. For the remaining

Those 34 Attorneys Are Still Bad-Mouthing Marketing???

Those 34 Attorneys Are Still Bad-Mouthing Marketing??? If you have been following this series of actual quotes we’ve heard from attorneys on why they don’t market, meaning they don’t bring

Hidden Business Development Opportunities

By: Allan Colman Marketing The Law Firm (An ALM Publication) January, 2015 These days, all firms must provide more value-added services. In the short run, the more you know the

Practice Group Leaders – "Know Thy Client"

When working with Practice Group Leaders, we have a group of questions they need to ask their colleagues. From the answers, we help them build a more successful business growth

Client Retention – 3 Reasons Why Clients Leave

Understanding why clients leave is critical to knowing how to retain clients. According to Jay Abraham in his book “Getting Everything You Can from Everything You’ve Got”, there are 3


In one of the LinkedIn groups, there has been a lively discussion of recommendations for “great marketing books” for new marketeers. But while they all address marketing, there is nothing

Win and Keep New Business – Webinar -November 6th.

NOVEMBER 6TH, 12 noon Eastern Time; WIN AND KEEP NEW BUSINESS – GOAL Webinar This webinar for Global Outsourcing Association of Lawyers will address the following key elements of business

Law Firm Managing Partners

Continuing our messages for leadership from James Kerr’s book, LEGACY, “FOCUS ON GETTING THE CULTURE RIGHT; THE RESULTS WILL FOLLOW.” All too often, law firms are managed by consensus or