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Prevent Laterals – A Major 2018 Business Goal

Preventing laterals should be a major business goal for all law firms in 2018.  The survey we conducted did not receive enough responses to be publishable.  BUT, other than retaining

Turn Clients Into Advocates for Your Firm

Continue building relationships and turn your clients into advocates for your firm.  There are multiple tactics to use including:  Find out by conducting regular client satisfaction visits or discussions to

What % of New Business Should Come From Clients and Referrals?

According to a Harvard Business Review blog, 50 % of your new business, EVERY YEAR, should come from clients and referrals.  We approach client retention by turning them into important


Client experience is finally legitimate and being given significantly more attention by marketing professionals, according to the Bloomberg Law and LMA 2017 survey.  Entitled “Aligning Marketing Business Development Resources for

Has Your Marketing Approach Been Rejected and Client Retention Faltering ?

Has your marketing approach been rejected and client retention faltering??  In fact, a frequent comment we hear from in-house counsel is that lawyers “just show up and offer legal advice.

A Badass Excuse for Not Marketing

This is one badass excuse for not marketing –  “It’s been six months since I won that big case for my client.  Why hasn’t SHE called ME?” I heard that

Have You Heard the 2nd Excuse for Not Marketing?

The second excuse for not marketing that we have heard from some lawyers is, “My partner does all the selling. I deliver the work”! It is clearly the responsibility of

You Won’t See This on WikiLeaks – “Emails Don’t End in Handshakes

British Airways got a real boost from this marketing and business development ad, “Emails Don’t End in Handshakes.” It today’s highly competitive market for professional services, one-way electronic communications do

What Did Not Work in Business Development II

Continuing from our previous post on “What Did Not Work in Business Development”, we hear more comments from in-house counsel about business development tactics where many fail: 7. Go to

Client Retention — What Should You Ask Your Clients?

In the last post, we began the discussion of Client Retention by asking what should you ask your clients? This is an important part of building client relationships and new

Where Do I Find Prospects?

One of the most common questions clients ask is where do I find prospects? Simple Rules to Find Prospects There are 3 simple rules to follow when attempting to find

Why Clients Fire You – Client Retention? Part II

This is the concluding column on 10 reasons why clients fire you. Client retention is among the top priorities for building future business and receiving referrals. Last week we indicated

Why Clients Fire You

by Valerie Goodman In the Closers Group experience, lack of attention to client retention is a primary reason clients fire you. When it comes to attorney marketing and business development,

What She Said – Putting Testimonials to Work

One way to establish trust in the early phases of the business development process is applying “what she said”, or, putting testimonials to work on your firm’s behalf. Many firms

Dancing With The Stars and Client Retention

Which of the four personality types are you trying to tango with? For those focused on accelerating new business and client retention, Dancing With the Stars, “Which of the four

Harvest More New Business From Your Top Clients

Guest Blog from Valerie Goodman Harvest the Cream of the Crop Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have 80% of your entire new business income derive from 20% of

Are Hamsters Running Your New Business Strategic Planning ?

New business strategic planning is the process by which an organization’s leaders define and implement the plan needed to achieve the firm’s fundamental purpose — successfully solving problems and preventing

Why Do Senior Partners Resist an Exit Strategy?

Why Do Senior Partners Resist an Exit Strategy? From Thomson Reuters Legal Solutions Blog, August 20, 2015 When asked what major problems they face, we often hear Managing Partners say

Senior Partner Exit Strategy – Will They Cooperate ?

SENIOR PARTNER EXIT STRATEGY – Will They Cooperate? Most law firms find it uncomfortable to tackle the task of planning and documenting an exit strategy for senior partners. The basic

Do You Really Know Your Client? II.

Continuing our series on making sure you know your client, 5. What have you done recently to build the relationship? 6. Have you asked ahead of time who else will

Are Your GC's Cuting Costs?

According to a recent survey by WIPL Network and Global Legal Post, General Counsel are concentrating more on cutting costs, being business advisors and cybersecurity. As reported by Rich Steeves,

Prospecting With Your Clients

If you have become your client’s trusted advisor and have established the good will that comes from successful business relationship, they will return the favor when you ask for referrals

Put Your Clients to Work in Business Development

A great business development tactic we recommend is to introduce your clients/prospects to your firm’s other clients. Another great tactic: ask you clients to introduce you to their other business

What to do with Client Dissatisfaction

While client dissatisfaction is never comfortable to deal with, it is something you should be aware of long before a client disengages. Even if it seems insignificant, when even the

Part II. – Prepare For Things That Go Bump in the Night

The tactics presented in OWN THE ZONE are all used one way or another in our business development training sessions and workshops. For example, our training emphasizes thinking long term.