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Prevent Laterals – A Major 2018 Business Goal

Preventing laterals should be a major business goal for all law firms in 2018.  The survey we conducted did not receive enough responses to be publishable.  BUT, other than retaining

Why Clients Fire You

“Why clients fire you” is the title of an article written by our own Valerie Goodman back in May, 2016.  At a recent conference I was asked if I could

Survey: What Is Your Firm’s #1 Business Goal in 2018?

If You Chase 2 Rabbits, You Will Not Catch Either One !

In our business development advisories and workshops, we provide an alternative to this Russian Proverb, “If you chase 2 rabbits, you will not catch either one.”‘ You must know: Six

The Most Overlooked Client Development Resource

The most overlooked client development resource is YOUR CLIENTS. Wish them a happy holiday!

CONVERSION MARKETING – A Must Read for Marketing Your Business Online

If you are searching for fresh marketing ideas for your website, take a look at CONVERSION MARKETING.  This book is loaded with suggestions on how to run promotional campaigns which

Reveal Your Firm’s Under Performing Marketing Assets — Catapult Your Revenues Without Losing a Dime!

Under performing marketing assets, when identified, are a real drag on your firm’s revenues.  Out of the 25 questions we use to build a successful business plan for clients, what

Emails Do Not End in Handshakes

Emails do not end in handshakes is a critical observation lawyers need to heed when on a new business development campaign.  My article in the March issue of Marketing the

Driving Performance: The Next Piece of the Business Development Puzzle

Driving performance is the next piece of our business development puzzle (part 4 of the 9 pieces). Sure, today’s marketplace is about as challenging as any market on earth. But

7 Ways to Overcome Objections

In offering proposals for new client work, we often need to overcome objections. In a recent conversation with Rick Justus, CEO of 36ixty, he outlined 7 ways to overcome negative

Are Hamsters Running Your New Business Strategic Planning ?

New business strategic planning is the process by which an organization’s leaders define and implement the plan needed to achieve the firm’s fundamental purpose — successfully solving problems and preventing

Why Focus on Your Client's Bottom Line?

Accelerate Your Business Now – Chpt.3 Note that these 12 Practices from 36ixty [brand, leadership, strategy, communication, team, core message, marketing, sales, customer experience, revenue and systems] break down into

Business Development “Gut Check” of the Day

Referral Base Continuing with this series of “Gut Check” questions you should be asking about your firm’s business development opportunities and challenges, todays is: What under-valued relationships exist, such as