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Eat Lunch With the New Kids – New Business Development

More new business development clues from 55Words, “eat lunch with the new kids.”  Begin building relationships with the newer members of your firm, making them feel welcome and comfortable asking

What % of New Business Should Come From Clients and Referrals?

According to a Harvard Business Review blog, 50 % of your new business, EVERY YEAR, should come from clients and referrals.  We approach client retention by turning them into important

Top 10 Reasons for NOT Developing New Business

10.  I don’t want to pester people 9.  I’m very busy 8.  I need to complete my time sheets Stay tuned for more ————–

Who Should Talk More, You or the Client? Business Development Myth #4.

New Business Development Myth #4, Client’s want you to do most of the talking! Nothing could be more “untrue.” Keep your resume to yourself and let the potential client do

Since When Do Attorneys Need to Wait For Marketing? Myth #3

If you have been challenged to bring in new business, why do attorneys need to wait for the Marketing Department? Ultimately, the onus is on the sales team to bring

Cookies are for Closers – But Not for Attorney Marketing

A current movie marketing campaign says “Cookies are for Closers ” but we hasten to add they are not for attorney marketing.  Experienced marketers know that closing new business, or

Intelligence Defying Excuse for Not Marketing

The following excuse from an attorney for not marketing defies intelligence, “I don’t know how to begin.” Although today’s marketplace for legal services is more challenging then ever,  there is

An Agonizing Excuse for Not Marketing – “I failed once; why try again?”

This is the most agonizing excuse for not marketing, “I failed once; why try again?” Stop the agony and join post-mortem firm reviews on proposals that failed. Take advantage of

Excuse for Not Marketing – “I know no one who knows anyone!”

Of all the excuses for not marketing, “I know no one who knows anyone” is the most absurd. As Mark Twain observed, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Pricing Your Service – It’s Not What You Think

Pricing your service, the 2nd step in Aulet’s foundational steps for business development is Set the pricing framework. In our experience, this is another one of those efforts clients often

Where Do I Find Prospects?

One of the most common questions clients ask is where do I find prospects? Simple Rules to Find Prospects There are 3 simple rules to follow when attempting to find

Harvest More New Business From Your Top Clients

Guest Blog from Valerie Goodman Harvest the Cream of the Crop Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have 80% of your entire new business income derive from 20% of

What Do Your Prospects Need? – Accelerating New Business Now.

Prior to meeting with new business prospects, we urge clients to prepare a needs analysis. You can’t help a client until you know what they need. Rainmakers diagnose a prospect’s

Is Your Team Treating All Leads Alike?

Is Your Team Treating All Leads Alike? Simple question — are they marketing to the wrong prospects without discriminating between types and potentials of leads?

What is Your Brand's Longevity?

When determining whether or not your brand has lasting power, “longevity”: 1. Do you look at the percentage of repeat and referred clients? 2. Does your firm’s culture match what

Do You Want More Leads from Speaking?

Among standard business development activities, none provides a better practicum for leveraging than the presentations and speeches delivered at professional conferences, client-sponsored programs, and your own firm-sponsored seminars. Too often

Can You Get More Leads When Speaking? III.

These next 3 tactics to generate leads from your speeches, workshops, etc. need to occur before the engagement. 7. “Merchandise” the presentation: i.e. post the speech to your website, send

Can You Get More Leads When Speaking? II.

Can You Get More Leads When Speaking? II. Continuing our series on making your speeches generate more leads and opportunities: 4. Obtain the most up-to-date attendee list and assign any

"Our Firm Has No Business Development Pipeline"

PROBLEM: “Our firm has no business development pipeline.” RESPONSE: Don’t let this cause paralysis. Take a tough, hard look at where clients fell by the wayside, what results are speeches

3 More Business Development Best Practices

3 More Business Development Best Practices Finishing this series on the top “best practices” for new business development: 7. Position your firm to be ahead of economic and industry trends.

Is Your Cup Full of Business Development Best Practices?

Edit post Is Your Cup Full of Business Development Best Practices? We are often asked by firm managing partners and marketing partners if there really are “best practices” for business

5 More Quotes on Why Attorneys Won't Do Business Development

5 More Quotes on Why Attorneys Won’t Do Business Development In the last 4 posts, we’ve listed 20 quotes from lawyers on why they won’t, don’t, or can’t develop new

Business Development Means "Keep the End in Mind"

This is the second and last commentary on clarifying the differences between marketing and business development. Marketing supports the possible. Business development targets, pursues and closes prospect targets. A traditional

Are You Winning More or Losing More New Business?

In our work with clients, we find they often do not take the time to evaluate what works and what doesn’t work in their prospecting, pitch and proposal meetings. Take

Going Into a Pitch Meeting? 4 Keys to Success

Include the answers to these questions as the key selling points when you are in any type of pitch meeting: 1. Who are we selling to? 2. Who are we