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There’s No Such Thing as a Cold Call

There’s no such thing as a cold call in law firm marketing.  In fact, you never have to make a so-called cold call.  The resistance some professionals have to business

Why Clients Fire You – Client Retention? Part II

This is the concluding column on 10 reasons why clients fire you. Client retention is among the top priorities for building future business and receiving referrals. Last week we indicated

Why Clients Fire You

by Valerie Goodman In the Closers Group experience, lack of attention to client retention is a primary reason clients fire you. When it comes to attorney marketing and business development,

Top 5 Myths About Business Development

by Valerie Goodman To really under understand what successful business development is, one must understand what it is not. Here are our top five myths about business development. Myth #1:

What She Said – Putting Testimonials to Work

One way to establish trust in the early phases of the business development process is applying “what she said”, or, putting testimonials to work on your firm’s behalf. Many firms

Dancing With The Stars and Client Retention

Which of the four personality types are you trying to tango with? For those focused on accelerating new business and client retention, Dancing With the Stars, “Which of the four

Grow Your New Business in 5 Minutes a Day!

Guest editorial from Valerie Goodman Grow your new business development in just five minutes a day. MOST FIRMS who approach us looking for business development and sales training want fast

Harvest More New Business From Your Top Clients

Guest Blog from Valerie Goodman Harvest the Cream of the Crop Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have 80% of your entire new business income derive from 20% of

Have You Been Told to Grow Your Practice? – Origination Credit

As competition for legal services increases, non-equity partners are being challenged to “grow your practice.” In more and more firms, marketing and business development efforts are being intensified and carefully

Ridin’ The Storm Out — #5 in Accelerating New Business Development

In our last post we began a discussion of Bruce Tuckman’s 4 phase path for teamwork – “forming, storming, norming and performing” and how it applies to accelerating new business

90% of Marketing is “Half” Mental

Yogi Berra’s famous quote, in it’s modified use, addresses the most important aspect of marketing and accelerating new business development. Ultimately it is the attorneys and paralegals that will drive

Are Hamsters Running Your New Business Strategic Planning ?

New business strategic planning is the process by which an organization’s leaders define and implement the plan needed to achieve the firm’s fundamental purpose — successfully solving problems and preventing

Why Focus on Your Client's Bottom Line?

Accelerate Your Business Now – Chpt.3 Note that these 12 Practices from 36ixty [brand, leadership, strategy, communication, team, core message, marketing, sales, customer experience, revenue and systems] break down into

12 Essential Practices for New Business Development

  Why isn’t everyone in business living in an ACCELERATOR ZONE for new business development? We find in our work that a primary reason is that most people don’t know

Is Your Firm in the “Accelerator Zone”?

  Acceleration is about generating new business development successfully in less time. In order to enter the “accelerator zone”, one must first understand what happens when you are not in

What Do Your Prospects Need? – Accelerating New Business Now.

Prior to meeting with new business prospects, we urge clients to prepare a needs analysis. You can’t help a client until you know what they need. Rainmakers diagnose a prospect’s

“Strategic Thinking Cannot Be Taught” – Business Development Strategy

In George Gallup’s famous words, “Strategic thinking cannot be taught.” And since strategy is the 3rd of 36ixty’s 12 Essential Practices, we work with clients to identify where they need

Say Nothing, Do Nothing, Be Nothing – 6 Steps to Exceptional Leadership

“Criticism is something you can easily avoid — by saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing.” –Aristotle In order to help clients grow business, the second of 36ixty’s 12 Essential

Are Managing Partners Really “Leaders”? (Part 2 of 2)

Following are 2 more questions asked by Nick Gaffney in the panel discussion for the December 14th issue of the ABA’s LAW PRACTICE TODAY. My responses follow. HOW CAN LAW

Are Managing Partners Really “Leaders”? (Part 1 of 2)

Based on an article in ABA’s LAW PRACTICE TODAY, (Dec. 14, 2015) moderated by Nicholas Gaffney, a member of the Law Practice Today editorial board and a veteran public relations

2016 – Business Development "Gut Check" III.

Market Changes and Technology Next in our series on setting a 90-day business development growth plan for Q-1 includes the following gut check question: Who in your firm is keeping

Business Development “Gut Check” of the Day

Referral Base Continuing with this series of “Gut Check” questions you should be asking about your firm’s business development opportunities and challenges, todays is: What under-valued relationships exist, such as

Provoking Business Development “Leaders” – Pt. I.

Provoking Business Development “Leaders” – Pt. I. There are too many articles being written about metrics for marketing and business development efforts without focusing on answers staring you in the

Crazy Impact of Leadership – PDUs2Go Webinar

Crazy Impact of Leadership – PDUs2Go Webinar 1 PDU for Introductory Price of $37 for a limited time through 10/31/15 PDUs2Go presents our HOT New Release An On-Demand Course with

Are Your Firm's "Incentives" Lighting A Fire for New Business Development ?

Are Your Firm’s “Incentives” Lighting A Fire For New Business Development ? We often hear the following reasons from attorneys who do not want to market: * It’s unprofessional; *