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What DOES WORK in the Business Development Closing Zone

What does work in the business development closing zone is a followup to our last 2 columns, what does not work in business development. We have taken a collection of

What Did Not Work in Business Development II

Continuing from our previous post on “What Did Not Work in Business Development”, we hear more comments from in-house counsel about business development tactics where many fail: 7. Go to

Do You Know What Does Not Work in Business Development?

In our workshops and seminars, we are often asked “Do you know what does not work in business development?’ Collecting quotes from successful marketing and business development professionals, found on

Legal Services Competition

As legal services competition intensifies, and client budgets fight to stay stable, doesn’t it make sense to look within your organization and build on what you have? The cost is

Combat Coaching?

At the Closers Group, we often talk about how “combat coaching” fits in with our CLOSING ZONE approach to business development. We focus on the importance of having your strategies

How Do You Meet Marketing Challenges?

We are often asked “how do you meet marketing challenges?” Or a client asks about the likelihood of success for various sales (yes sales) approaches. The simplest answer is WORK

How to Use “Mind Mapping” in Business Development

In order to successfully increase new business, clients need to learn how to use “mind mapping” in law firm business development. I often find gems like this when checking in

There is No Such Thing As a Making a Cold Call

There is no such thing as a making a cold call in active business development. The resistance that some professionals have to business development isn’t unlike the distaste for wintery

Business Development Pros — Have You Ever Watched the View?

When meeting with business development professionals and their attorneys, we often ask “have you ever watched the View?’ Whether the guest is a celebrity or politician or a fashion designer,

Client Retention — What Should You Ask Your Clients?

In the last post, we began the discussion of Client Retention by asking what should you ask your clients? This is an important part of building client relationships and new

Are You Using Invisible Marketing?

Is your law firm business development effort using invisible marketing as a tool for new business development? For example, if you ask a client or prospect to review an article

Why Isn’t Your UPS Bringing In New Business?

Why isn’t your UPS, Unique Positioning Statement, bringing in new business? Perhaps your team does not understand that a Unique Positioning Statement is much like an elevator message. What would

Is Your Marketing GPS Really Working?

Is your marketing GPS really working? Do you use tissue, or Kleenex? Do you pack a lunch in plastic storage bags or Ziplocks? See where this is going? All successful

What Do You Do With Low Hanging Fruit?

What do you do with low hanging fruit to increase law firm revenue? It certainly does not happen overnight. Clients won’t become your greatest fans if you are hit and

How Much Revenue Is Your Firm Losing?

How much revenue is your firm losing without an exit strategy for Senior Partners? Advance planning of exit strategies is critical to long term sustainable revenue. Failure to deal with

Marketing the Law Firm – New Business Development Harvest

Closers Group recently appeared in the Law Journal Newsletters. Our article “New Business Development Harvest” appeared in Sales Speak of Marketing the Law Firm.

What’s Missing In Law Firm Revenue Growth?

What’s missing in law firm revenue growth is leadership. Clarity, focus and execution start with a firm’s leadership. The key to transform sustainable revenue to productive revenue lies with the

What Are 90% of Attorneys Missing?

We were stunned to learn that 90% of attorneys are missing a major key to new business development – asking for referrals. This observation came from Marketing Directors in last

Don’t Let Business Slip Through Your Fingers

You can avoid letting new business slip through your fingers by using our powerful, highly interactive workshops and strategic business road-mapping. As a business development consultant and advisor, these work.

7 Ways to Overcome Objections

In offering proposals for new client work, we often need to overcome objections. In a recent conversation with Rick Justus, CEO of 36ixty, he outlined 7 ways to overcome negative

Will Your Dog Eat the Dog Food? – Law Firm Marketing

New and Improved? Almost every day there is an advertisement offering a service or product that is new or improved, such as Will Your Dog Eat the Dog Food? Or

Pricing Your Service – It’s Not What You Think

Pricing your service, the 2nd step in Aulet’s foundational steps for business development is Set the pricing framework. In our experience, this is another one of those efforts clients often

4 Steps to Master Closing New Business

When focusing on how to master closing new business, this post emphasizes work by Rick Justus at and Bill Aulet’s “Disciplined Entrepreneurship” (Amazon, These link directly with making

How Do You Win A Client?

Continuing this series on Aulet’s 6 themes in “Disciplined Entrepreneurship” (available at Amazon), this element focuses on how do you win a client? His client development asks you to: *

What Can You Do For Your Client? (Business Development Part 2 of 6)

The second theme focusing on new business development in Bill Aulet’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship is “What Can You Do For Your Client?” Once you have taken the first steps outlined in