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Client experience is finally legitimate and being given significantly more attention by marketing professionals, according to the Bloomberg Law and LMA 2017 survey.  Entitled “Aligning Marketing Business Development Resources for Law Firm Growth” the results ” , . . .speaks to the need to go deeper in order to understand and serve clients’ unique needs.”

Yet, even though marketing professionals rank CX (Client Experience” as an effective way to differentiate their firms, the survey found that they are not investing in it.  So what is an attorney to do when facing a first meeting, rfp pitch, or building a client relationship without having the CX intelligence?

First…  What are the buyers’ professional values?  What is the perception of you, your firm and your practice group?

  • What kind of commitments does the buyer/client expect you and your firm to make?
  • What are the buyer’s expectations in terms of rate structure?
  • What are the expectations about winning verses settling; completing the deal or letting it go?
  • What are the buyer’s needs arrayed across a broad spectrum of potential legal services?

Second… How many baskets are your eggs in?

News flash:  One size never fits all.  Marketing should be tailored according to personality, needs of the client and those skills of your firm.  One tactic that works for one professional won’t necessarily work for another.  And most importantly, “practiced” business development, sales training and closing skills will land the client.

Third… Why has a competitor bested you?

What do they know about the client or prospect that you don’t?  Track the client’s outside hires.  Is there a pattern?  Simply talk to their in-house lawyers.  Take them to lunch, ask why they hired so-and-so and (diplomatically) is it working out so far?  Be sure to pick up the tab.

By asking and researching these questions yourself, and having the marketing department provide industry and specific business related information for the prospect, you will be taking advantage of the latest, but way overdue method of growing new business — client experience.

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