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Accelerate Your Business Growth

All too many companies and firms let new business slip through their fingers every month. The Closers Group methods for finding missed opportunities, underperforming investments, prospect segmentation, targeting and building effective leadership have been proven to more than double their clients’ books of new business.

They teach leaders and professionals how to identify high-quality prospects and then use the quickest methods to get face-to-face, focus, pursue and close new business. They have helped their clients generate millions of dollars in new revenue, build long lasting relationships, and maximize leadership skills. Their books Crazy Impact of Leadership, Own the Zone and Lead Like a Boss are part of every workshop, keynote and seminar.

Topics include:

  • 12 Essential Practices for Accelerating New Business
  • Why Focus on Your Client’s Bottom Line?
  • Keys to Turn Strategy Into Action
  • Avoiding Fatal Marketing Mistakes
  • Management Support Leads to Growth
  • How to Sustain Revenue Growth

Closers Group Management

Closers Group: Dr. Allen Colman

Allan Colman

Dr. Allan Colman understands the challenges facing both established businesses and entrepreneurs. He has advised organization leaders from 10 to 15,000 employees, focusing on small to mid-sized groups. In addition to customizing strategic action plans to fit size and industry, he has also been the chief executive of a 5,600 public agency.

Allan Colman is known for his passion in building stronger, more effective organizations and for his ability to help companies and firms quickly achieve their growth goals. He has spent more than 2 decades assisting in and working for companies and firms, helping to bring in millions of dollars in new revenue and building leadership structures that continue to perform.

His three recent books Crazy Impact, Own the Zone and Lead Like a Boss, all published by Made For Success Publishing, are most often utilized in his workshops and seminars. He is a 36ixty Certified Senior Advisor.

Closers Group: Frank Mims

Frank Mims V

Frank Mims is a Strategic Partner with the Closers Group, based in Houston, TX. Often described and viewed by colleagues and clients as extremely knowledgeable, innovative and with great business development savvy, Mims (Practice Doctor) has fashioned a career as a trainer, consultant, professional speaker and coach in sales development.

Frank has been proven and tested to enhance skills that will amplify revenue. His novel, changeable ideas and methodologies in business development have been used by 100’s of sales professionals, attorneys, accountants and entrepreneurs to increase revenue.

He is a multiple award winning business development sales specialist in both the international and domestic market places. Mims has applied his skills at major corporations and law firms with more than 35,000 hours of working practice applied.

Closers Group: Valerie Goodman

Valerie Goodman

With more than 20 years of new client acquisition, strategic planning and message development experience for national and boutique clients, Valerie brings enthusiasm to all her communication projects regardless of size.

Valerie served as the National Marketing Director for DecisionQuest, the nation’s leading jury research/trial consulting firm where she managed and coordinated all corporate communication activities including visual communication design, web-based marketing projects, national public relations activities and client special events. She also directed all marketing and advertising efforts for the firm’s 13 regional satellite offices.

Prior to working in-house for DecisionQuest, Valerie was Vice President of a full-service advertising and marketing agency. She was responsible for business development, client communication strategies and planning, video/radio production, media and community relations activities.

Valerie’s articles on internal marketing have been published in the 1-800Dentist internal monthly member newsletter and she is a regular contributing blog writer for The Closers Group.

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