90% of Marketing is “Half” Mental

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Yogi Berra’s famous quote, in it’s modified use, addresses the most important aspect of marketing and accelerating new business development. Ultimately it is the attorneys and paralegals that will drive law firm business development into the “accelerator zone.” For management, understanding how to support and drive their people by using our “one page strategic plan” becomes the road to success. Psychologist Bruce Tuckman observed a 4 phase path that teams need to follow on their way to high performance and accelerating new business — “forming, storming, norming and performing.”

Today’s column deals with the “forming” stage, where team members are positive and polite. Some are anxious as they do not fully understand what work they will be doing. As the leader, you play a dominant role at this stage, because roles and responsibilities are not clear. Be aware that this stage can last for some time, as people begin working together and make an effort to get to know their colleagues. The so-called attorney “silo” operational set is still all to present and prevents early acknowledgement of entering the “accelerator zone.”

Next column will cover “storming.”


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